Unleashing Canada's Potential

Our system has become a welfare trap, punishing all provinces and rewarding big government. I'll fix it. Add your name if you're with me.
Canadians all support cleaner air and water. But a carbon tax won’t do anything to protect our environment. All it will do is increase costs on business and kill jobs. Increasing the price of fuel and the price of electricity will put the price of everything up. Businesses will be forced to choose between keeping employees on payroll or paying the hydro bill. This is unacceptable. This tax needs to be scrapped. It is the right plan.
Interprovincial trade barriers cost Canada’s economy as much as $130 billion every year. It is unfair for nurses, dentists or accountants to have problems finding work in another province because they need to jump through hoops to have their skills recognized. It is unfair to stop businesses from being able to grow and expand into other provincial markets. It is unfair that consumers are often limited to buying products or services from their own province. We need to stop provinces from putting up these unconstitutional trade barriers. It is the right plan.
The Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance has allowed certain businesses to write off investments against taxable income more rapidly and has been a great success story. Making this program permanent and applying it to all sectors will put money in the pockets of every single business owner. It will allow new growth and new investment. It will increase prosperity. It is the right plan.
Conservatives believe in the freedom of the marketplace as the basis for human prosperity. And we have always had a strong record on trade, from the North American Free Trade Agreement to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But there is more to do. We need to finish negotiations with India. We need to start negotiations with China. A Canada–China Free Trade Agreement would expand Canadian exports by nearly $8 billion annually. It would increase Canadian household income by nearly $6 billion annually. And it would create 25,000 well-paying Canadian jobs. It’s the right plan.
There is a simple way for the federal government to show fairness to all regions of the country, to all industries, and to taxpayers. It is to completely stop subsidizing businesses and to reduce their taxes. This is not only fair, but it is economically efficient. It respects that the free market can make decisions far better than Ottawa bureaucrats. And it will stop the consistent practise of throwing good taxpayer dollars after bad into failing and mismanaged companies. Ending the practise of picking winner and losers is the right plan.
One of the Harper Conservative Government’s major achievements was to reduce the corporate income tax from 22% in 2007 to 15% in 2012. But we can still do better. Canada’s combined corporate income tax rate is 15thhighest in the OECD. Bringing it down to 10% will increase the after-tax return on investment, and thus encourage businesses to invest more. This will create jobs and unleash Canada’s productive forces. This is the right plan.
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