Decentralizing and Shrinking Government

Interprovincial trade barriers cost Canada’s economy as much as $130 billion in lost economic opportunities each and every year. It is completely foolish to allow this type of barriers to exist. It is doubly foolish when you look at our Constitution and see that trade barriers like these are prohibited. It is ridiculous to prevent the growth of businesses because they are not allowed to gain access to other provincial markets. And it is ridiculous to stop workers from travelling between provinces because their skills are not recognized. We should use article 121 of our Constitution, which states that interprovincial trade is a federal jurisdiction, to: 1) Establish an Economic Charter of Rights; and 2) Create an Economic Freedom Commission with the power to take provinces to court when their regulations infringe upon your freedom. A Charter of Economic Rights will establish the case for Ottawa’s intervention to protect the Constitution and allow for free trade between provinces. And an Economic Freedom Commission will find and stop breaches of the right to free trade between provinces. This is the right plan.
Hunting and sport shooting are important parts of Canadian heritage. For too long, gun owners have been disrespected by the government. They shouldn’t have to worry about having their property reclassified and confiscated. Property rights should be respected. The Firearms Act should be reviewed by experts and replaced with effective legislation that protects property rights and cracks down on dangerous criminals.
Canadians all want to protect our air and our water. But a carbon tax won’t do that. Even defenders of a carbon tax have said the type of tax that has been proposed by Justin Trudeau and Michael Chong will do nothing for the environment. It will only take money out of the pockets of Canadians and put it in government coffers. Let’s be clear, this is just a big government scheme to create more programs. It’s wrong. It should be repealed. That is the right plan.
Every year, it costs Canadians billions of dollars to comply with the tax code. That’s because each budget has more and more boutique tax credits. Government after government have spent billions of dollars trying to bribe microtargeted groups of Canadians with their own money. It’s wrong. A Fraser Institute study found that there are approximately $20 billion worth of boutique tax credits that could be cut. Any tax credit that does not serve a concrete public policy purpose should immediately be scrapped.
Government cannot pick winners and losers. Only the free market can. Giving bailouts to bankrupt businesses is not only a waste of taxpayer dollars, it serves to distort the market to reward failure. The best way to ensure that businesses can succeed is to get needless regulation out of the way and to cut corporate taxes. That is the right plan.
Debt and deficits are nothing more than deferred taxes on our children and grandchildren. At some point, the bill will come due for the reckless spending from the Trudeau Liberal government. That is why it is important to present a balanced budget within two years of taking office, commit to only running balanced budget, and legislate a debt repayment schedule. This is the right plan.
Healthcare is an area of provincial jurisdiction. But due to years of federal interference, provinces have become reliant on transfer payments to pay their doctors and run their hospitals. This leads to bickering between Ottawa and the provinces over who is responsible for our abysmal healthcare system. Transferring tax points to provinces and ending Ottawa interference will create accountability. Breaking the taboo around private sector involvement in healthcare will bring innovation. That is the right plan.
Our Constitution is a great document. It outlines the powers of the federal government, the provinces, and the inherent freedoms that Canadians enjoy. But for too long, successive governments have treated the Constitution as a series of suggestions rather than the fundamental law of the land. Federal governments have dabbled in healthcare and education. Provincial governments have constructed barriers to the free flow of goods and services between provinces. And all levels of government have needlessly overreached into the lives of Canadians. This must stop. Politicians must respect the Constitution. This is the right plan.
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